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10 Thoughts Every UT Girl Has at a House Party


1) I should have worn better shoes so I’m prepared to hop the fence when the cops come after an hour



2) Why does that girl still look Beyonce-flawless when it’s at least 80 degrees and humid out?


3) You mean these converse were once white?


4) Hey, look! Another guy in a frat tank


5) I wish there was a dog here

6) I really hope I don’t lose my friends walking through all these people

7) Please don’t spill that red drink on me

8) Aaaaaand it’s time to put the hair up!

9) Where did my friends go?

10) Can we go to McDonalds now?

Ashley is a third year student at the University of Tampa in sunny Florida. The three things she can't live without? Puppies, coffee, and pizza.
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