10 Things You Think About During Class

No matter what time your class is at, let’s be honest, no one is paying full attention to what is happening. Much like listening to music, showering or attempting to sleep, attending your lectures is the perfect environment to come up with your best ideas. After all, the best thoughts do pop into your head while you try to avoid listening to your professor drone on about nothing particularly interesting. Here are a few things that pop into my head at my wonderfully boring 10 am botany lecture in particular;


1. Why does this man never cancel class?

We all have that one professor that is ever ready to begin their lecture, especially at the crack of dawn. And do you have time to roll out of bed 15 minutes before, get coffee and make it on time to his 10 am on time? That’d be a NO.2. If he is even 5 minutes late I’m leaving, 15-minute rule doesn’t apply before 12 am.

The 15-minute grace period is a little too generous. If you aren’t allowed to slack, neither is your professor.

3. I should be in bed right now, why am I here?!

Have you ever noticed that you never ever appreciate your bed as much as you do when you’re not in it?

4. I think I can take a nap in here, I don’t think he can see me

No better place to take a nap than behind a computer screen! Be honest, you weren’t paying attention to him anyway.5. I wish I brought a snack, I’m STARVING

You could have eaten a 7-course meal before class and still be starving the second you sit in one of these desks, it’s inevitable.

6. How much does he even get paid?

Clearly not enough, they should be much more excited if it were.7. Is a college degree even worth it?

I tend to always question my education while getting educated. Was college worth it? Why a science degree? What is a chloroplast? HELP!

8. How much money am I going to make?

Let's face it, student loans will haunt you long after you graduate college. It sure is nice to remind yourself that there is money at the end of the tunnel though! Hopefully, it’s enough.

9. This has to be the longest hour of my life.

SOMEONE GET ME OUT OF HERE!10. I’m dropping out and becoming a stripper.

Studies claim strippers can make up to $1000 a night! I’ve found my calling, sorry mom!