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10 Most Wanted Food Places at UT

I don’t know about you, but I am really sick of the food on campus. The same old meal exchanges are a bore! We need a change in the culinary department. Here are ten places we wish we had on campus, because if I eat one more Labretti I might have to transfer. 

1. Dunkin Donuts

I said it once, I’ll say it again: Einstein’s doesn’t even compare. I want my donuts to dunk!

2. Chipotle

Seriously Salsa Rico I am over you.

3. Panda Express


4. Jamba Juice

DQ smoothies are nothing compared to the Jamba. Plus we live in Florida, so it is ALWAYS the perfect temperature for a nice smoothie.

5. Subway

Jazzman’s sandwiches are repulsive when you bring Subway into the mix. Subway is also a lot healthier.

6. A fruit bar

How about just having a fresh fruit bar that is free to students and faculty everyday, all day long?

7. IHop

Why do we literally only have Einstein’s and the café for breakfast, the most important meal of the day? It could be a serve yourself type of option. Plus, those chocolate chip pancakes are to die for. Sorry Tony, these might even be better than your omelets. 

8. A pizzeria

Yes, hello Pandinis? I’d like some REAL pizza please.

9. Yogurtology

There isn’t even froyo downtown! The froyo machine in the cafe is always out of order. I CAN’T LIVE LIKE THIS.

10. Cracker Barrel

We all get a little homesick sometimes and a nice home cooked meal is a great pick me up. All of these places should include EVERYTHING on the menu as a meal exchange and places should be open past 11pm. Seriously, I need coffee at 2am. 

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Sam is Campus Correspondent for the University of Tampa! She is a communications major with a concentration in media studies and a minor in new media production. For someone who is barely five feet tall, Sam has big aspirations. She hopes to become the next Rachel Hollis or Miranda Priestly. If all else fails however, she’ll have an exciting future as Mrs. Justin Bieber! Sam talks non stop about her sorority, Pi Beta Phi and can easily be spotted on campus wearing her letters. She is an avid brunch goer and disney enthusiast. Buy her some cheesecake and you're guaranteed friends.
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