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Dear You,

After two weeks of silence, you said you fell out. Out of everything I put in, out of everything we carried, out of everything we pushed and shoved and collected and broke and put back together with half-dried glue. Two weeks ago, you were happy to see me. Or so I assumed. Or so you portrayed. Or so I wanted so badly to trick myself into seeing on your face. 

Is it possible to stop loving someone in two weeks? I can’t stop loving you after six months of trying. I won’t stop loving you even further from that. I refuse.

So, my answer to you is no. No, you did not stop loving me. No, your feelings did not change. No, you cannot move on. I want to be selfish, and I deserve to be selfish, after all the work I have put in—for me, for you, for us.

So, my dear you, see you soon. 

In four.

College kid just trying to survive