Why are you Couture, Fearless, and Bold?

            You are a college woman with distinction. A woman who wants to be free spirited and to be yourself. You’ve been down before by all the challenges that you had to sacrifice. You’ve been hurt before by all the struggles. Then, you got up and declared independence for yourself.

Women like you are courageous. By saying that, you are couture, fearless and bold.

You are couture because you wear high heels. When you put your high heels on, or if you have a pair that’s absolutely your favorite, you get a feeling of empowerment. Emma Baty, a senior Magazine Journalism major, wears heels to take her outfit up a notch. “They make me feel so confident,” Baty said. “I could walk into any room and own it.” The word, confidence, is such a powerful word to describe you because you have it. Antoinette Zeina, a senior Writing & Rhetoric major at SU, says “Any girl can conquer the world with a good pair of heels and a good strut to match.”

You are fearless because you believe in yourself. You know what you want and have ambition for it. Zoe Farrell, a sophomore Magazine Journalism major, says that “believing in yourself to go after what you want despite the possible negative outcomes that could ensue maximum risk to maximum gain” Farrell said. You never look back after making decisions that troubled you. You’re always true to yourself and that’s what matters. You are comfortable with your sexuality. You do not allow anyone to label you “in a derogatory way,” Farrell says, because it’s your body and you can do whatever you want with it.

You are bold because you like to take risks. Sarah Heikkinen, a graduate student studying Magazine, Newspaper and Journalism at SU, says that being a bold woman is “not letting the opinions or judgements of others define who you are.” Not only you do this, but you have to push “other women to be the best that they can be, not only for themselves but for each other,” Zeina said. Sometimes you call people out for what they said and you state “what the facts are.”

There, you have it all. You are a woman who is free. A woman who knows their game. A women who is truly beautiful because you are couture, fearless and bold.