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What to Wear: Winter Glam

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Syracuse chapter.

Come February, being a student at Syracuse University becomes a little difficult. The snow is up to your knees and your outfit should be the least of your worries in this weather. While many of us are tempted to throw on our snow boots, some leggings and an oversized sweater to go out to dinner or out to bars, this season is full of amazing trends that you can take advantage of. So, I’ve compiled three outfits that include a combination of some of my favorites.


Outfit #1


Flared high waisted pants make anyone and everyone seem taller. This is a personal favorite since my 5’1″ physique isn’t always helpful when I’m tried to look like I got off the runway. Speaking of, metallics and velvet were a hit on all winter fashion shows. So I incorporated a velvet bodysuit and some metallic gold pumps in the outfit. To tie in with the shoes, make sure you pick a bag that has some gold detailing! And finally, to stay warm in this frozen tundra, add in a cool furry jackett.

Outfit #2


This outfit option is a little more out there, but nevertheless, super on trend. I personally love how the more girly trends such as colorful shoes and embroidered jean jackets fit in with the more grunge elements. The metallic top is the perfect compliment to the distressed tulle skirt. By adding the oversized jean jacket, the outfit goes from runway to wearable. 

Outfit #3


If you value comfort over fashion, this ensemble is a way to have both! The athleisure trend is a favorite among those who struggle getting ready, so why not incorporate it into your nightime look? To ensure that this outfit is still as glam as can be, add in a satin top. Both satin and the tie-up top trend were all over the runway for this season. To add even more class, a duster trench coat is the way to go. Throw on some snakeskin booties and hit the town!
I'm Ana Lua. I'm currently a Marketing Management major at Whitman looking into transfering to Acting in VPA. I'm originally from Boston, but I've been moving around the world throughout my entire life to places like Brazil, China and Portugal. I love to travel and all things artsy and cute! I also like to write music and have a youtube beauty channel.