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What Maybelline Foundation Are You?

When the sun is away, foundation lovers shall play. Summer maybe over, but a beat face never goes away! By now you’re probably cleaning out your summer makeup collections, and making room to FALL in love with Septembers must-haves. So what team will you be playing for this fall– Are you a matte girl or dewy? If u don’t have an answer, have no fear Her Campus is here to help.

Our beauty guru spent a week testing and comparing Maybelline’s, dewy and matte Fit Me Foundations. Choosing the right foundation goes beyond getting the perfect shade for your skin tone. When buying a foundation, it is extremely important to know what formula works best for oily, drive or sensitive skin.

If you have oily skin, it is important to choose a mattifying foundation. Matte foundations are great for reducing shine, providing a natural skin-like finish and keeping your makeup flawless all day long. When using a matt foundation, use a matt face-primer and matt setting powder to ensure an all-day wearable look. If you have acne or dry skin, you might want to stay away from matt foundations. When matt foundations oxidize it creates a skin-like texture, if you do not have smooth skin, every pimple will be highlighted. Matt foundations have a “drying” formula which can cause irritation and your makeup will look less polish.

If you have dry skin, a dewy foundation will work wonders for you. Dewy foundations help the skin appear moisturized. Reduce the appearance of acne and provides glowing skin throughout the day. Before applying dewy foundation to dry skin, use a face moisturizer before applying facial primer. Make sure to use a hydrating face primer. Primer helps your makeup look fresh and last longer.

Still have no idea what team you’ll be playing for, no problem! Maybelline’s, Fit Me foundations are supper affordable and the best jumping off point to finding your match made in heaven.

Agaru Masters is a junior at Syracuse University's, majoring in writing and rhetoric and magazine. He strives to crest inclusion and diversity in the fashion and cosmetics industry.
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