What Her Campus Means to Me

I am a male involved in a college women’s magazine.

Yes I know-- a magazine that’s geared towards females.

Yes, I respect women because I have the utmost respect for my mother.

Yes, most of my life I only had girlfriends and no guy friends.

But, there’s something about Her Campus that makes me want to do more with women empowerment and lifestyle content.

This online magazine provides personal, engaging, and relatable content for readers to feel a sense of place in this world while also encouraging them to show off their individuality.

I want to learn to emphasize with college women at their most vulnerable-- after rejection or failure--and lift them back up to their highest confidence. We all go through these flaws because we are human, but women fight for what’s right for them.

I love women like Ashley Graham, who make statements in the media and fashion industry regarding the need for more body diversity. I love women like Taraji P. Henson, who take time and listen to individuals and their fears. I love women like Pink, who publicly speak about for redefining beauty standards.

What Her Campus means to me is creating mental, personal and professional content for women, to make them excited for what’s coming our way for them, to have them own their bodies, fashion and beauty.

We want them to be the best for themselves. Keep up and empower on.