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V-Day on the Hill

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Syracuse chapter.

  Don’t we wish our Valentine’s Day dates were hot like him??

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Whether you’re single or have a hot date, don’t let the snowy Syracuse weather deter you from making awesome plans! Though the holiday itself falls on a Monday this year, you and your significant other have the whole weekend to set up a date to celebrate–but don’t forget you can actually celebrate on the 14th, if you’re not already bogged down my schoolwork and classes, like I am. 
Dinner and a movie is basically the classic and most cliche way to celebrate your love for each other on Valentine’s Day. If you want to be just like every other couple, try taking a trip downtown to Pastabilities. The small, cozy atmosphere will provide you with an unmistakable intimate setting for that romantic date. If you feel like traveling a bit further from the Syracuse-realm, Bonefish Grill in the Fayetteville Town Center is another semi-fancy restaurant with low lighting and famously delicious Bang Bang Shrimp for the fish lovers out there. 

 Instead of standing in line at the theaters, cuddle up with your honey in your dorm room. Don’t think just because it’s the holiday of romance you have to watch a romantic comedy, either. Pick out something you know your boy will appreciate and actually want to watch. Or play the movie in the background while you two spend some time appreciating each other.  
 Plan some snow activities! We certainly have enough of it. Drag some sleds to a hill and have at it. Build a couple out of snow. Go ice skating at Clinton square. Have a double or triple date snowball fight! When snow’s involved, there are endless possibilities. If snow’s not really your thing, you can still plan your date around the cold weather.

If you’re in a dorm, cut a pretend fire out of construction paper, make some hot chocolate and s’mores in the microwave and pretend you and your love are in some secluded, romantic getaway. If you actually have a fireplace, put it to use! Set up a blanket near by and enact one of the best scenes from “The Notebook.” It’ll definitely be a night to remember.

      Let’s face it, planning a date in general can be a pain. With the added pressure of having to be the most romantic boyfriend or girlfriend because of a holiday just makes it that much worse. But keep your cool and it’ll all work out. Use what you already have. Wear something cute and pink on top of some sexy lingerie. Just let the night take its course and have some fun. Remember, it’s only one Valentine’s Day. There will be plenty more for you to put your romantic side to the test.

I'm a senior art history and magazine journalism major. I'm a junky for pop culture, watch way too much TV, and love to blog about it all.
Elora likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain...but only warm rain, and especially rain that's packaged in summer thunderstorms! The sophomore magazine journalism and English major is an assistant feature copy editor for SU's independent student newspaper, the Daily Orange, and is a contributing writer for GALA Magazine. She is also a brother in the community service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega. Elora has country music on her iTunes for every possible mood and she will never turn down a Dave Matthews Band concert, a trip to Panera Bread or a pickup soccer game. Although she's not sure exactly what she wants to do after graduation, she hopes to use writing to make a difference in someone's world.