Think Green!

As Saint Patrick's Day quickly approaches, it's time to go green! No more dark colors for the winter - consider incorporating the vitality of green into your style. Before you spend your green on a spring shopping spree, let's take a closer look at a different angle of how to wear the color.

Choose the Right Shade of Green 

For starters, not all greens are meant to be worn! When choosing a specific color scheme, try favorites like mint, teal, or olive tones. Mint  accessories and outfits are eye-catchers. Mint adds a young and fresh energy to any overall look. If you wear a dark shirt or pants, lighten it up with some mint.

Teal reads as strong and exotic. If you want to exude elegance and sophistication, teal is the way to go.

Along with military trends, olive has been in the spotlight recently. Olive tones are great for a more casual look.

Approach with caution: neon green, lime, pistachio, and dark green. Sometimes, it's not easy being green.

Choose the Right Amount of Green

Here's the thing about picking a particular color scheme - don't overdo it. Wearing the same color from head to toe is risky business.

You never want to be too matchy-matchy. Let's face it, green isn't exactly the new black. But it sure is a fantastic accent color. So choose one item at a time.

If you want to wear a green necklace with other green clothes, try to break it up with a neutral layer, like black or tan. Pair a white collar shirt and a navy blazer with an emerald necklace and green skinny jeans. Have fun with it while lookin' smart!


Choose the Right Combo

So we talked about not overdoing it with the green, but how does one decide how much is too much?

Middle shades of green look lovely with ivories and tans.

Feeling dramatic? Wrap your body in black and grab a dark green chiffon scark. Oooh, mystery.

Then what about pastel greens? Easy, bring in the white. This fresh and breezy style is perfect for Easter brunch.

Last but not least, deep jewel greens. Try them out with light grey or silver. Remember Slytherin house in Harry Potter? Ever wonder why they look so cool? Because they dawn the right combo of green and grey. And they're hardcore. It is the killer combo.

Embrace the spring and the green it brings!