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Six Ways to Decorate Your Dorm Room

Winter is coming– so why not decorate your room all cozy to celebrate? Here’s some tips and prodcuts to help you make your room the best, most comfy place ever! Now, you really wont want to leave your bed. 

1. String Lights

String lights with a yellow glow can make your room feel really warm when its snowing outside. With all the lights off in your room other than these string lights, you’ll want to stay in and watch a movie and will have a reason not to go outside

2. Throw Blankets

Adding a couple extra blankets to your bed, will not only make it more cozy and warm, but you can make the it fun and pretty with the colors according to the season. The fuzzier the blanket the better! 

3. Pillows (LOTS of pillows!)

The more pillows you have on your bed, the better! You’ll have so many cuddle buddies and you bed will be so comfortable, you’ll never want to get up. 

4. Candles

Candles will not only add a romantic light to your room, but picking a wintery scent will remind you of the holidays and get you in the mood for winter! 

5. Tapestries

The more things on the wall, the cozier your room can feel. It makes it feel less boring and frankly, it’s better to look at than just a plain white wall.

6. Dream Catchers

Whether you believe in them or not, dream catchers are a great decoration, giving a more hipster and personal feeling to your room. 

We guarentee if you follow these tips, your room will become an Insta-success and the hotspot of all your friends. Happy decorating!