Seven Reasons Why Fall is the Best Season

It's almost fall! Take advantage of the cool weather and all the other things fall has to offer, listed below. 

1. The weather.

Gone are the days of sweltering heat, sweaty hair, and short-shorts. Now it's time to cozy up, and enjoy the cool breezes, and windy weather of autumn.


2. Foliage.

Fall foliage is gorgeous, especially up here in central New York. There's a reason why thousands of tourists flock here to see the beautiful leaves change as they fall to the ground. So, get outside and admire the stunning colors around you.

3. Apple season.

Personally, I love to go apple picking and bake my fresh apples into delicious treats including apple crumble, apple cider donuts and more. The sweet, crisp taste of the apple is symbolic of the season of fall. You MUST take advantage of this, and at least one apple-themed delicacy this season.

4. PSL.

This one speaks for itself. If you haven't already, stop by your local Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, and grab a PSL today. The rich, spiced taste of pumpkin is something I have been longing for since last fall.

5. The TV.

Many popular series are set to return to TV within the next few weeks. From "Scandal" on ABC, to Ryan Murphy's (the creator behind "Glee," "Nip/tuck," and "American Horror Story") new series "Scream Queens," this season's TV schedule is off to a great start.

6. Football!

Any NFL fan has been counting down the days until the season starts. Get ready to curl up on the couch, eat your favorite snacks and watch your favorite teams on Monday nights, Thursday nights and Sundays.

7. The fashion.

Fall fashion is the epitome of chicness and comfiness in knit sweaters. high boots and tons of layers. This season, don't be afraid to rock trendy sweaters, jeans and leather boots. Show off your inner fashionista this autumn.