Secrets of a Flawless Face

Ladies, it’s time to be transparent and we’re not just talking about setting powders! We are all guilty of stalking flawless MUA’s on Instagram, dying to know how they achieved their look. Attaining these drop-dead gorgeous looks can sometimes cost an arm and a leg. So how do you stay on fleek without spending a fortune? The answer is simple!

Cosmetics very in price range due to the quality of the product, the brand it is from and the chemicals used to create it. Many makeup lovers—including myself, are often under the impression that “the more a product cost the better it is,” well that is false and Her Campus, is here to guide you with a list of products that you can save a few dollars and should spend a little extra on.

The first step to achieving that gag-worthy look is choosing the right facial primer. Priming prior to color correcting and applying foundation helps the makeup last throughout the day, prevent creasing and shine. When selecting a primer it is important to know what skin type you have and which primer works best. High-end primers perform at the same level as drugstore facial primers, so when selecting a facial primer it is safe to say we can save a few dollars and go drugstore.

(Fenty primer 32$, elf primer 1.99$)

After priming the next step is foundation. The ingredients in higher-end foundations, typically have better chemicals and facial products in them. They last longer and leave the skin feeling smooth and less oily. Drugstore foundations have harsh chemicals in them that are not always good for you’re skin, especially if you wear foundation every day. Spending a little extra on foundation may seem like a hassle but your skin will thank you ion the long run.

(Fenty foundation 34$, elf foundation 2$)

Next step towards that desired glam look is concealer. Many beauty bloggers and YouTubers, constantly rave about LA Girl Concealers. They are super affordable provide maximum coverage.

(Nars 34$, LA Girl 1$)

It’s time to set you’re foundation and concealer using a translucent setting powder. Many drugstore translucent powders have a really bad flashbacks. And for my beautiful women of color drugstore translucent powder typically come in light shades which cause darker skin tones to look ashy. So I highly recommend going high-end when it comes to translucent setting powders.

(Givenchy translucent setting powder 45, LA Girl setting powder 2.99$)

Contour products have become a new sensation in the beauty world. With the help of Kim Kardashian contouring has become as easy as 1,2,3. Fortunately enough we don’t need to invest in a 52$ contour stick because drugstores got us cover.

(Clinique Contour Stick 45$, NYX Contour Highlight stick 12$)

Achieving perfect skin is easier and more affordable than ever before. You don’t have to spend a million bucks to look like one.