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The Second Semester Slump

Look, guys, I get it. Summer is in the air. You can practically taste it. The freedom. The days of lazily lying by the beach. Coming home from your bomb-ass internship to slip into your Nike shorts and do nothing but watch Friends re-runs until you have to search for another snack. Never worrying about an essay, a test, or a dreaded group project – the only thing you’ll have to do is make sure you stay stocked in sunscreen, flip flops, and snacks for the weekly backyard BBQ’s. Maybe even heading out on a road trip with your favorite hooligans to find new places to consume alcohol. But, unfortunately, summer isn’t here yet. We’ve still got a couple months left at school, and as much as we want to, we can’t throw in the towel just yet.

I’ll admit it, I’m already a bit checked out. I’m guilty of going through the motions and not putting my all (or my anything) into my work. Sure, I’m wasting some of that potential my mom keeps telling me I have. Yes, I tend to watch episodes of The Fresh Prince instead of finishing up that English essay on the history of Edgar Allen Poe. Sorry dude, you just weren’t that interesting. And if work can be put off until the next day, I’m most likely going to put it off until the next week. It gets done, don’t worry. We’re all procrastinators, but it gets so much worse when we see summer in our future. What a tease.

 What I think is this: we can’t get so excited about the summer that we spiral downward and fail out of school. Because let me tell you something, you will not make it as a homeless beggar. I thought I could too, and then I remembered how much I love central air conditioning. We have to make it through these last few weeks so that we can really ball out this summer. Because, real talk, if I bring home a grade report full of C’s – I won’t be looking at anything but the inside of my bedroom door. And the same is probably true for you. And if you’re thinking about hiding your grades from the parental units – think again. I tried this and my mother, being the ninja/private investigator/ secret Russian spy that she must be simply logged into my online portal and printed herself a copy of my grades. She literally saw them before I did. So, that was cute. Look out for those parents, they’ll snipe you. I’m not saying we should get straight A’s here, people. Let’s be real, I’m no Einstein. Plus, majors in socializing and/or pop culture aren’t offered at most colleges. So how am I really supposed to excel?

Anyway, just try to keep your stamina up until the end of the semester. Cause then it actually will be summer and you’ll be sitting on your deck in a bikini pretending that you’re Serena Van Der Woodsen in the Hamptons. (It’s okay, you don’t have to lie, and we all do it.) I know you purse your lips and stare into the distance like you’re trying to decide between Nate and Dan. But before we can be in that happy place, we have to end the semester on the right note. Or any note, actually. We just have to make it through. WE CAN DO IT. P.S let’s be real, we’re not ready for bathing suit season anyway.

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