Prepping for Finals through Thanksgiving

    Already planning to have a work-free Thanksgiving? Not so fast! It might be a good time to catch your breath, but it’s definitely not the time to let loose on your study routine. Because finals start December 7th, Thanksgiving break is your last chance to brush up your school work once and for all. 

     1. Make a checklist:  Why not make a checklist before the holiday starts? Try to list the materials you’ve collected from class and prioritize them. Through this process, you get to know what kind of things you need to cover for the test and which ones are your main focus throughout your review.


     2. Never trust a ‘glance’:  Skimming through your text books or notes won’t help you at all. You need to go over them repetitively so that they become ingrained in your memory, instead of just glancing at your notes.. Plan your reviewing wisely; don’t procrastinate or squeeze everything together. Assign small tasks to each day and repeat them accordingly. Also, do not feel frustrated if you forget everything after you memorize them the first time. It’s completely normal, just remember: practice makes perfect.

     3. Review mistakes: Take a moment and look back at the mistakes you’ve made throughout the semester. You might think it’s unlikely to trip at the same place twice, but the truth is, old habits and conventional thoughts are hard to get rid of. Therefore, go through your previous tests and homework; make sure you won’t lose points over unnecessary mistakes.

     4.Sort out your confusions: While going over the content, it’s natural to have questions. The essential thing is to tackle them one by one. My suggestion - write down all your problems for each subject, sum them up, and prepare to ask your professors when you get back to school.


     5. Hands-on practice: It is one thing to review your materials, yet another to apply them to real life when you're taking a test. In order to avoid feeling rusty during the exam, make sure you’ve actually had hands-on experience in advance . That way, you will not only be familiar with the questions, but also be more confident.

    Thanksgiving break is a great opportunity to adjust your attitude, refresh your mind and prepare for the upcoming challenges. Follow all the steps above and you will not only find your self in ease before finals, but also have a huge boost on your marks.     


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