The Perfect Fix to a Snowy Tailgate!

Who says cold weather has to stop you from looking cute? As we continue on into tailgating season, we all worry how we could possibly stay warm in these Syracuse winters while still having the perfect tailgate outfit. I am here to give you a few stylish and weather-appropriate outfit ideas to inspire your future tailgate attire!

Sweatshirts and Tee's Are Key!

A cute DIY sweatshirt, long sleeve, or jersey works perfectly as a warm layer while still repping your school and personal style!


An alternative to spicing up a non-so-stylish puffy winter coat is a hat, beanie, etc., keeping your ears warm while adding something a little extra!

Vests and Flannels:

On an extra cold day of tailgating, not only is it hard to get yourself out of your warm and toasty bed, but it is hard to enjoy celebrating a school win or dancing with your friends with your toes feel like icicles and your nose numb. A solution to this is a cute flannel or vest. Here are a few ideas on how to style your choice of warmth in order to still have a tailgate (and Insta-worthy) outfit.


Feeling like a vest just isn't enough? A warm jacket can still look cute without making you look like a marshmallow. Find a cute fake fur, jean, or bomber jacket pair it with a school t-shirt and you're all set for your perfect tailgate-- even in the snow!