Our Survival Kit Has You Covered for Every Night of Finals Week

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Finals Season is upon us, which means stress, all-nighters, and everything in between. Although schoolwork is important, it's also equally crucial to balance work with your freetime. Read a book, go to the gym, have a Netflix night. Here are some suggestions to help you power through your finals week, with thanks to our super fabulous sponsors. 

A Spa Night in With The Girls!

What better way to relax than invite your girlfriends over, watch some Netflix, drink some wine, and do a rejuvenating, yummy-smelling face mask (or three)?! We've got you covered. Try out Leaders Cosmetics Seven Wonders coconut gel sheet masks, which come in fun editions like Acai, Carribean Coconut, and Kalahari Melon? Each mask is packed with different vitamins and minerals for your skin, so don't be afraid to try them all out and relax after spending hours in Club Bird. 

A Tea-and-book Kinda Night

Sometimes, curling up in bed with a hot cup of tea and a book is the best way to beat the wintertime/finals season blues. Try sipping on Yogi's rich and healthy teas. Our personal faves? Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy and Blueberry Slim Life. The fruity and floral aromas of the tea will have you dreaming of summer. As for book recommendations? Check out Book of the Month Club, where you can get the best books (all carefully selected) for nearly half the price! Plus-- Use code HERCAMPUS30 for 30% off a three-month membership, plus a free tote! Enroll here.

For When It's Study Night

'Twas the night before your huge Poly Sci final... and you've barely started studying! Relax, we've all been there- and you'll be okay, we promise! But... as for making it through the night, buckle down with your textbook and some five hour energy (in moderation!). You'll be the most energized student in Club Bird. 

For the Final GNO Before Finals

This is your last chance to hang with your squad before finals (and probably the last GNO of the semester), so why not go all out? Fortunately, Rimmel London's newest makeup products make looking hot pretty easy, so you can spend less time getting ready and more time laughing and dancing. For the ultimate beauty look to last you all night long,  we love: Scandaleyes Original Mascara, Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner, Natural Bronzer (so you WON'T look orange, promise!), and Provacalips 16 Hour Kiss-Proof  Lip Colour (which come in SEVEN very versatile shades). Guarenteed, you'll be the belle of the ball the bar.