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Nail The Last Minute Skype Interview

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Syracuse chapter.

You spent all of winter break glued to your computer writing cover letters and perfecting your resume to send out to an abundance of companies in hopes to get a dream summer internship. After months of waiting to hear back from these companies, it is finally time for a lot of programs to begin starting interviews for summer. The unique part about interviewing for a summer internship while at school is that due to a difference in university location and internship location, many of the interviews may be conducted over the phone or more commonly, Skype. Since a Skype interview can be a foreign experience for many college students, here are some tips to help you nail your first one!  


  1. Do your research before, not during

Knowledge about the company you are applying to can give off a great first impression to any interviewer. It shows you care enough to learn about the work they do and the core values they were established on. However, searching for information about the company in the interview, during the interview can cause your connection to suffer and even drop the call. So, while knowledge about the company interviewing you can make a great impression, make sure to study up before you start the call.


  1. Make sure to have a plain background

Having an organized background during a Skype interview may seem like an obvious quality to have. However, having a plain background—like a simple white wall—may be the way to go. Pictures and odd wall hangings can distract the interviewer from what the focus should be on: you!


  1. Look into the camera

When you are Skyping with someone it feels natural to look at their image on the screen. However, this causes you to appear as if you are looking down or to the side. By looking directly into the camera while answering interview questions you will be able to make direct eye contact with the interviewer, causing your answers to have a stronger impact.


Your first Skype interview can be an extremely nerve-wracking experience, but following these tips and keeping confident will help you shine in the interview and get your dream summer internship!

My name is Rachel Saunders. I'm a sophomore at Syracuse University who enjoys binge-watching Netflix while eating grilled cheese and telling bad knock-knock jokes.
Hi there! My name is Gabrielle, and I'm the Editor/ Campus Correspondent for the Syracuse chapter of Her Campus! I am a sophomore Television, Radio, and Film major in the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. I like traveling, cinematic classics, show tunes, long walks on the beach, chocolate, chocolate on the beach, and anything pink. Go 'Cuse! HCXO