Long-Distance Love Stories

It is the sweetest and, in some ways, the toughest holiday of all - Valentine's day. For those who get to be with their partners on this special occasion, this time of the year is magical. The long-distance couples, however, might feel exceptionally lonely for not being with one another. Here at SU, many couples are experiencing the same distance struggle, but have managed to make the space between them a catalyst for consolidating their relationship.

Danielle and Ian have been together for three years. One lives in Syracuse and the other in Ohio. The couple shares mutual support for each other in pursuing their individual educations. Danielle enjoys her time with Ian just as much as before. Even without physical intimacy, they are always showing their love to each other with tacit gestures. This upcoming Valentine’s day, the couple have decided not to drive up and get together. Instead, they are going to snuggle up with each other’s favorite drink and have a nice long video chat with movies playing alongside the screens. 


The distance between Matthew and Julie is 7665 km. To this international couple, if the wideness and depth of the Atlantic ocean can’t set them apart, then nothing can. With six hours difference between France and New York, Matthew and Julie are constantly tested by the conflict of time. But no matter how hard it is to even hold a conversation, they promise to always be there for each other. Matthew’s Valentine gift for Julie is a project he started which raises funds for supporting Julie to pursue her dreams at SU. Going against all odds - family, financial and geographical - this loving pair has really earned our respect and attention. So, show your support at http://www.gofundme.com/kr1lh8 for this romantic cause!

To all the lovers out there, don't let anything stop you from having the best of time of your life on Valentine's Day with your loved ones! There's no such thing as long-distance when two hearts are beating solely for each other.