How to Make Your Friendsgiving the Best One Yet

For most college students, going home for Thanksgiving is a much-needed break from the chaos of college. Thanksgiving is a time to relax, to sleep, to reunite with childhood pets and to eat a meal that is not Easy Mac. However, for a variety of reasons, some students’ only option is to stay on campus over Thanksgiving Break. Although the thought of having to stay at school while it feels lie everyone is going home can be upsetting, but if you just keep three things in mind it can be one of your most memorable Thanksgiving celebrations yet!

  1. Get Excited Early

If you know early in the semester you are going to have to stay on campus over Thanksgiving Break, you have the opportunity to plan out a Thanksgiving you will love. The most popular alternative Thanksgiving dinner is “Friendsgiving," where instead of having dinner with family, you share a feast with your friends. Contacting your friends early on, to find out who might be staying over break besides you, can help you get excited about staying over break as you begin working with friends to have a Friendsgiving.

2. Keep an Open Mind 

Although Thanksgiving is great to celebrate with just friends, it can be an even more extraordinary Friendsgiving if you open up your guest list. By allowing your guests to bring their friends, or even going as far as to invite any students still on campus to join the Friendsgiving celebration. 

3. Consider a Non-Traditional Meal

Figuring out how to roast the perfect turkey for the first time can be stressful, so   consider taking the pressure off by eating a non-traditional Thanksgiving Dinner. If you are having a lot of guests, a great solution is to host a potluck style dinner, having each guest bring their favorite Thanksgiving themed dish. To make it a no-mess Friendsgiving, try making Thanksgiving sandwiches, which include all the fixings of a Thanksgiving dinner (turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce etc.) but on a roll. 

However you choose to celebrate this upcoming holiday, we hope your feastin' is filled with love, health, and happiness!