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How to Get Rid of Clingy Guys in 10 Steps

Sometimes guys can be really clingy! They ramble about how much they care about you and don’t leave you alone. Here are 10 steps to get rid of a guy that you really don’t want:

Step One: Never answer his calls or reply to his messages or emails

Try to avoid him in any way. You can block him from calling and texting on the phone. If you have to text him back, wait until the next day. Let him feel that you are trying to ignore him. If he asks why you never get back to him, make the most ridiculous excuses like, “Oh, I didn’t know it was you. I forgot to save your number.”

Step Two: Complain to him all the time

Guys really hate girls complaining all the time. You can complain about everything, his looks, his taste in clothes and his job etc. Let him feel unsecure and suffer low self-esteem.

Step Three: Go out with other guys

Let him think that there is a lot going on in your love life and you are not interested in him. Flirt or make out with other guys in front of him.

Step Four: Avoid physical affection

Guys can’t stand if you don’t let him touch you! The killer move is that laugh or cry when you are making out
Step Five: Look like trash

I know it is quite unfair for you but it really works! Guys never want to embarrass themselves if they go out with a girl who looks like trash. They won’t kiss a girl or even stay close to a girl who has bad breath. Stop making effort to your appearance. Be lazy! Be messy!

Step Six: Compare him to your ex

It will kill them if you keep talking about you ex. “We were so happy and he made me a better person.” You compare him to your ex in everything, “he sent me flowers every day, but you never did.”

Step Seven: Be rude and cold to him

Try to have eye contact with him. When he talks to you, pretend you are so busy with your phone. When he tries to have a conversation with you, pretend you are not paying attention and show him that we have nothing in common to talk about.

Step Eight: Let him wait forever

Let him wait. Show up two hours late to you date or cancel it accidentally.

Step Nine: Spend his money

Use his credit cards! Show him that you are using him. You care more about his money than him.

Step Ten:

After you have done so many horrible things to him, he is still around. It means he is totally in love with you. He is a nice guy. Why not give him a try?

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