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History in the making

Tonight, May 1, 2011, a few friends and I started a slow clap at Bird Library, floor 1. Once the entire floor was in on it, a friend yelled, “We got him! We got him!” The energy was contagious. Each student was beaming and looking around, wondering, “Did that actually just happen?” Yes, that happened.

Energy circulated the room instantaneously, but this was more than energy. This was sheer patriotism, a sensation I have never in my life felt to this degree. Why is today one for the books? Well, you can answer that. But in case you missed the memo (or live under a rock), Osama Bin Ladin, founder and leader of terrorist organization al-Qaida, is dead.

This day will go down in history not only as a monumental step forward in the fight against terror, but also as a demonstration of what it means to be an American. Call me cheesy, but I have never felt this connected to the great country we call home. So many of us college students were in elementary and middle school when September 11th occurred. What could we do besides go to school and stare at the television in shock?

Now, we are forming our own voices. We are marching down Walnut Ave. carrying American flags and sporting American flag sweatshirts screaming “We are America!” while the fraternities blast “Courtesy of the Red, White & Blue.” Not only are we living history right now, we are making history.

As we continue to remember those lost on September 11th and throughout the years and honor the troops who have given there lives to our country, we are celebrating together as our country takes a step forward together, re-instilling in each student and each citizen a sense of American pride. May we always remember those we have lost, and may we look forward together knowing that though this fight is far from over, we have together taken part in history. #GOAMERICA

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