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HC Syracuse Staff Says…How we spent our snow day!

Apparently, going to school in the snow capital of the world pays off once every 18 years. I was so excited about yesterday’s snow day, the first full snow day since 1993, that I wasn’t even angry that SU sent me six emails, four text messages and two voicemails to let me know I didn’t have to go to class. The day was made even better because no one had even mentioned the prospect of a snow day, since the idea is so foreign to us seasoned snow-trudgers. With 24 hours of nothing to do and nowhere to be, here’s how some of our staff spent their snow day!

“I started the day with a Scattergories tournament with girls on my floor…so intense! Then I spent the day with my pledge class talking about how much work we have to do and not doing any of it.  Quality day!” -Lindsay Cameron, PR Director/Staff Writer

“I spent my day studying for midterms and catching up on the sleep I missed last night from studying for midterms. And I watched a bunch of episodes of Pretty Little Liars.” -Tonya Nelson, Photoblogger/Staff Writer

“Watched my boo (Shemar Moore) on Criminal Minds & went to the dining hall more times today than I do in a week! Yikes!” -Rosa Perez, Staff Writer

“I did some homework and watched Criminal Minds…and put on my sunglasses and blasted summertime music!” -Jen Camasso, Staff Writer

“My snow day kind of sucked. It didn’t really count for me to be honest, I never have any classes on Monday anyways so there was no difference there. I had to shovel, with my broken plastic one, my car which was covered. I even had to shovel underneath it so it would actually move.” -Dania Souid, Staff Writer

“I slept of course. And read Hamlet for an upcoming paper I have to write. No fun snow day for me. ” -Brittany Leitner, Staff Writer

Elora likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain...but only warm rain, and especially rain that's packaged in summer thunderstorms! The sophomore magazine journalism and English major is an assistant feature copy editor for SU's independent student newspaper, the Daily Orange, and is a contributing writer for GALA Magazine. She is also a brother in the community service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega. Elora has country music on her iTunes for every possible mood and she will never turn down a Dave Matthews Band concert, a trip to Panera Bread or a pickup soccer game. Although she's not sure exactly what she wants to do after graduation, she hopes to use writing to make a difference in someone's world.
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