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Getting Back Into A Routine

While being back at school may make us homesick for some of mom’s good cooking at first, there’s no getting around it – we’ve got to buckle down, and get back into the groove of all that college life demands.

It’s once again time to find your favorite spot in the classroom, time to frantically switch out of classes with which professor’s beliefs you may clash with, and time to frustrate yourself with spending money on textbooks that you probably won’t use [enough].

Well – among other things of course, like soaking up the lovely scenery that Syracuse has to offer (hopefully, sprinkled with some cool, white, fluffy stuff) and continue to cheer our basketball team to victory as we (again, hopefully) maintain our #1 spot on top.
By in any case, here are some tips for getting back in to the swing of things.

1. Be on time

I feel like I always oversleep at least once during the first week of school. I’m not sure why. Set a few alarms for yourself each morning – first impressions are everything, and you don’t want to get the professor/classmate stare-down the first week. It’s better to be the first person in a seat, ready for class to start than the last.

2. Start the semester off right

I’ll skip all of the new year’s clichés, but really – work healthy eating and time for the gym into your schedule right off the bat, so once we reach the halfway-point and end of the semester, you won’t have to think twice. Start your “good routine” now.

3. Be positive

Embrace the new semester instead of complaining about it. With every semester, you receive a clean slate of opportunity to succeed. Use a planner, study ahead of time and don’t fall behind on reading the first week. It’s easy to miss those “gift” points with easy assignments, but remind yourself how much you wish you had “just one more point” last semester.

4. Set goals

Set some goals for yourself, whether they are physical, academic, or social. It doesn’t have to be anything major, either; anything from eating more vegetables a day, to making sure you talk with your parents more often. Working towards something is always good for one’s confidence.  You can’t finish first without running the race!

5. Remember to relax, and set time aside for yourself

No one gets anywhere easily, but stressing yourself out does nothing but make you hungry for sweets, and lash out at your undeserving friends and roommate. Whether by promising yourself a half hour of television before bed, or going for a brisk, morning jog every-other morning, remember YOU need YOU time.

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