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Fresh Meat

We’ve all been there and done that. To the class of 2016: here are some tips that may be helpful in avoiding being labeled “freshmen:”

1. The lanyard – If you want to keep the lanyard cool, don’t wear it around your neck like it’s a gold medal. It’s the number one giveaway that you are brand spanking new to campus.

2. Going out in large groups – Simple. Don’t do it.

3. Carrying around a map of campus – If you have to study the locations of all the buildings the night before classes begin, do it. Unless you are here touring the school with your parents, you shouldn’t be carrying around a map of the campus. Nothing is worse than whipping out a campus map in the middle of the quad. FRESHMEN!

4. Overdressing – Heels to a South Campus party are a no, a never. Nice try. If you are going to a cramped apartment party, no one will see your shoes, nor will they care should their drink spill on them. South Campus parties are ideal for dressing comfortably for a night full of dancing. The dancing won’t stop until DPS says so.

5. Taking the 2:50 bus back to Main Campus – The hoards of people that crowd the bus stops waiting for the 2:50 bus back to main is classic. Instead, make friends with an upperclassman, crash at their apartment for the night, and take the bus back to your dorm the next morning. Make sure you bring sweats to change into for your bus ride home. You don’t want to get caught doing the walk of shame from College Place to Sadler.

6. Class of 2016 shirts – While the football team may appreciate you after its (1-2) start this season, the 2012 Otto’s Army class shirts are a dead giveaway that you are a freshman. Wait until at least junior year to wear this shirt in public.

Being a freshman totally rocks, but being known as the freshman, not so much.

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