Five Ways to Spark Up Your Holiday Season

            Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. All the great presents you will receive from your parents when you come home for winter break. Then you and your closest friends get to go to all the holiday frat parties and dress in Christmas spirit. However, since we are all crammed with final exams and projects, this makes this month a living hell before you go home for winter break. But don’t worry, we have ways to spark up the holiday spirit:

Thankful Session with Your Roommate

They say that your roommate is going to be your best friend once you start college, or if you find someone that is just like you. You’re going to be best friends with them and having a thankful session will bring your relationship much stronger.

A Beyoncé Runway

Now, you know Beyoncé is the queen of female empowerment. You can get into formation with your friends and strut like you mean it. Be the Beyoncé in a runway and play all her songs. Don’t forget to make some lemonade with this.

MadWish Party Game

Everyone does the ordinary truth or dare game, but you can spark this up by playing dirty. You can play the MadWish party game, a board game that consist of flirting, telling or drinking. A game that you find victory in yourself and find dirty secrets in your friends.

Christmas Movie Roast Session

If you like scary movies, watch some scary Christmas movies with your friends. However, if the movie is dumb, have a roast session. You can talk bad about every detail in the movie. This is a great way to stay positive in the holiday spirit.

Couture Party

If you and your friends love to do make-up, why not have a couture party? Have a party by putting make up on and take a great group selfie to show off your looks. Now, you get to embrace yourself a true woman.