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We have all heard the same piece of advice from professors, family and friends. College will go by faster than you think, so enjoy it while you can! And so, we try to soak up as much as we can from Syracuse University’s campus before we leave the green patches on the quad for the real world. It is overwhelming at times but we still try to enjoy every last moment. As I come closer to walking across the stage in my cap and gown, I find myself repeating this same advice to freshmen. I promised myself I wouldn’t, but it spills out like cup of milk.

Campus jobs are convenient, fun, educational and great resume builders. Check sujobopps.com often to see what’s available. Jobs on campus vary from administrative work, to video editing, graphic design, writing and much more. Trust me, there are so many jobs on campus some are in buildings you didn’t know existed.

There are jobs for both work-study and non-work study students. Jobs vary from 10 to 20 hours a week depending on the requirements and your free time. Of course, a main benefit of a campus job is the money. Several extra bucks in your pocket every Wednesday is a big plus. A campus job will give you more than just extra cash. First of all, most departments offer multiple student positions. You will meet new people and work as a team on projects you’re all interested in.

Consider a campus job like a ‘job in training’, a preview of your future career. You gain valuable skills on working to deadline, collaborating in groups or reworking the details of a project. Even if your job has nothing to do with your major, having diverse skills could put you a step ahead of the rest, and land you that job.

The best part of a campus job is that your boss knows you’re a student. They are willing to give you time off to study for tests and finals. When you make a mistake, it’s never the end of the world. Instead, it’s a chance to learn and improve your skills. Campus jobs are a way to learn some skills you wish you had but can’t fit into your schedule. If it’s writing, take a job with the grant department. If it’s graphic design, check out the ITS department. A campus job is like a class people are paying you to take. What could be better?

One job I highly suggest for upperclassmen is to try for undergraduate research experience. I currently work as a URE for a research project at the iSchool. The group, Citizen Sort, is made up of students. They designed two video games! Another suggestion is URE because the title is very general. You can work on whatever interests you. I learned to use InDesign and Photoshop. Working with students gives you the opportunity to see what else is out there and what other interests you have outside of your major. Personally, I never thought I would be interested in marketing. Under my URE I managed Citizen Sort’s social media accounts and even planned for an event on September 24th at the iSchool. (Which you should try to attend, there will be free food and a chance to play real videogames designed by SU students!)

I may be stuck on repeat, reiterating the same advice about trying new things at college but it’s still very true. My main tip is to try a campus a job. You never know what interest or talent you have until you try something new. Keep thinking that on repeat.

I'm a senior broadcast journalism and French major at Syracuse University. I'm a social media and new technology fanatic. I'm a fan of current events, photography and documentaries about fish.
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