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Dorm Life: Private Spa

We all know how difficult it can be to truly relax when living in a dorm. Aside from people running around the hallways and blasting loud music 24/7, there are no bathtubs to relax in with your favorite Lush bath bomb. But fear not, there are ways to fulfill your primping needs and relieve all stress.

1. Invest in a good face mask.


Face masks are great because you can lather them on in the comfort of your own dorm, and when it is time to wash it off, you can either wash in the bathroom sink or use a wet cloth to save you the trip.

2. Exfoliate.

There’s nothing better than scrubbing all that gunk off of your skin. Invest in a nice exfoliating scrub, preferably shea butter to rehydrate and scrub off dead skin simultaneously. Of course, the communal showers aren’t the best place to do it, but you will feel exceptionally clean afterward!

3. Release muscle tension.


Massages are perhaps the best part of going to a spa; however, you’re most likely not going to have a friend willing to give you a 20 minute back massage to relieve your weekly stress. Thankfully, Lush gets us and released shower jellies, which work to alleviate muscle aches and pains. Aside from feeling more relaxed, it will leave you smelling like peppermint and cinnamon. What screams fall more than that?

4. Hydrate with class.


Nothing makes you feel more like you’re at a spa than slathering on some great smelling body oil. Although doing this in your dorm may seem kind of messy, there are several non-oily oils (yes, you read that right) out there! Go on a quick hunt and nourish your skin on a whole other level.

5. Get that (fake) tan on.


If you are one of those people who loves getting spray tans to keep your summer glow, your primping night in is the perfect time to dormify a professional tan. Although at home tanning lotions might seem tricky to apply, there are options for every level of clumsiness. St. Tropez, considered one of the top tanning products, recently even came out with a shower version of their lotion! Perfect for those of us who seem to never get it right.

6. Treat your tassels.


While face masks are all the rage, there’s nothing more spa-esque than a hair mask. Soft and silky will leave you feeling like a true princess. Of course, having to wait in the communal shower while the mask does its job seems like a dreadful 15 minute, if you do it on a day where you plan to shave, it works out perfectly.

7. Nourish your soul.


All this primping and priming needs to be combined with taking care of the inside of your body as well, and we all know tea is the cure for everything! Although it can be highly caffeinated, if you are trying to have a relaxing spa night, opt for a more herbal tea.

8. Light it up.


To give off that spa room vibe, there’s nothing better than lighting a candle. I know we are technically not supposed to have candles in dorms, but if you don’t tell, I won’t! Plus, as long as you keep them far from the smoke detector and remember to light it off, it will all be ok and your room will smell amazing!

9. Dress like a princess.


Finally, to top off that lux feeling, wrap yourself in a warm bathrobe. There are so many options, from white towel-like to pink satin, but any will do the trick! Now head back to your dorm and give yourself a much deserved spa night.

I'm Ana Lua. I'm currently a Marketing Management major at Whitman looking into transfering to Acting in VPA. I'm originally from Boston, but I've been moving around the world throughout my entire life to places like Brazil, China and Portugal. I love to travel and all things artsy and cute! I also like to write music and have a youtube beauty channel.
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