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Crazy for Fro Yo

Located on Marshall Street, a mere five-minute walk from Schine Student Center, Yogurtland offers delectable frosty treats that all Syracuse students must try. With the creamiest, smoothest yogurt and a variety of toppings and syrups to choose from, students leave with truly satisfied tastebuds.

At Yogurtland, customers are encouraged to get creative and go frozen yogurt-happy with the personal dispenser machines and self-serve topping line. To begin creating your masterpiece, grab a cup (the bigger, the better!) and choose among a variety of available frozen yogurt flavors. The price of your cup depends on how much the yogurt weighs, not what the cup consists of. So feel free to mix as many flavors as you want! Among the flavors available at the Syracuse location, there are Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet, Peanut Butter, Madagascar Vanilla Bean, or Blue Lychee Bliss. With my last visit to Yogurtland, I combined Salted Caramel Pecan and Dutch Chocolate–delish!

Moving onto the dry and syrup toppings, the variety available to customers is overwhelming. Nuts, cereals, fruits, chocolates–essentially whatever you can imagine, Yogurtland has. There are also syrups, such as caramel and honey. My personal favorite topping is a little sprinkled coconut.

Once you have relished in the moment of having created a Martha Stewart-worthy masterpiece, the register measures the weight of your cup and gives you a biodegradable spoon to shovel your face with. At a mere 42¢ an ounce, the resulting delicacy you’ve just created is quite the steal.

“I like Yogurtland because of the choice and variety of flavors and toppings,” said sophomore, Liza Flaherty, a customer. “I would come back, for sure!”

So for students with a sweet tooth looking for a fun stop off-campus to eat, Yogurtland is a yummy and healthy place alternative. Fortified with Vitamin C, Yogurtland has created over 25 non-fat flavors, is gluten free, as well as Kosher certified. Stop in and get a taste of this flavor-filled experience.

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