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College Fashionista: Tanya West

Tanya West is a sophomore marketing major, constantly strutting around campus with the newest and latest trends. Her favorite spots to shop are The Gap, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Macy’s and Free People. She most admires Tory Burch, because of the chicness and class that her accessories add to any outfit. One of Tanya’s favorite accessories are scarves.

“You can wear them in the summer and the winter, and they can make of break an outfit,” she said. “They can be really sleek, or they can be comfy, big, “boho” and comfortable.” The Syracuse weather is perfect for Tanya, because in addition to scarves, she loves the big, chunky sweater trend. Her ideal outfit is a cute, cozy sweater, layered tank tops and a cute pair of boots.

According to Tanya, fashion is extremely important. “Nobody has the exact same style – it is what sets you apart from other people.”

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