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Building Spotlight: The Hall of Languages

We’re not creepy, kooky, mysterious, or spooky, right?

Think again.

Yes, it’s true: our very own Hall of Languages was the model for the original Addam’s
Family house located at its first (of three) addresses – 0001 Cemetery Lane.

The Hall of Languages, a prominent icon to those unfamiliar and otherwise with
Syracuse University, was built in 1873. Overseen by our first Chancellor, Alexander
Winchell, the $136,000 building is mainly composed of Onondaga limestone.

Initially, six other college buildings were to be built in the same Second Empire style,
but, due to lack of funds, the Hall of Languages stands as the only building on
campus of its kind.

It was internally renovated in 1978, and is commonly recognized today as the College of
Arts and Sciences.

Creator of the Addams Family series Charles Addams started as a cartoonist for The New Yorker. His
first drawing of what we, today, know as the Addams Family ran in a 1938 issue of
the paper.

The series evolved from 64 half-hour episodes to multiple movies, video games, spin-offs
and even a Broadway production.

Neat and sweet, right?

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