Bri Tolani: SUperstar on the Rise

Bridget Toll of Boulder, Colorado looks like your typical college student at first glance, but after a quick conversation, you'll uncover so much more that meets the eye.

Toll is a singer-songwriter in the Bandier Program for Music and Entertainment Industries honing her skills and developing her career.

“My plans for the future are to take my music career as far as I can. Ideally, I would love to continue to make connections with talent scouts and A&R's (artists and repertoire) so I can sign with a record label,” she said.

Toll writes all of her own songs and helps to produce them, as well. Fresh off of the release of her new album, Reflections, she is currently planning her next venture: filming a music video for her favorite song from the album, “Undone.”

“It's the first song I wrote at SU and is really personal and special to me. I also think the producers did an amazing job with the sound,” she said.

Toll has worked with many of her Bandier classmates on her album, as well as the recording technician, Mike Landivar, with whom she recorded her entire album. She also credits classmates Isaac Silverman, Terrin Munawet and Gavin Rudolph for helping her with her latest project.

Despite the fact that Toll has already met and worked with many inspiring, talented individuals at Syracuse, she notes her older brother as her biggest role model.

“He helped me so much to develop my vocal technique and sound and has always been a huge support of my singing career,” she said.

Another fun fact about Toll? She brands herself under her stage name, Bri Tolani—it’s what she calls herslf on her album cover, Facebook page, SoundCloud, YouTube and various other social media mediums.

“If I do become successful and famous, I don’t want who I am as a performer or celebrity to be who I am as me. I want to be able to go back and be Bridget Toll if I want to,” she shared.

Ultimately, however, Toll has one special dream in mind: “My dream is to sell out Madison Square Garden. I know that's way out of line, but I believe if anyone works at it as hard as they possibly can, it can be achieved.”

Check out Toll’s Facebook, YouTube and SoundCloud for exclusive covers and more: