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Best Post-Game Tweets From Furious Cuse Fans

The Syracuse-Duke rivalry certainly intensified when an offensive foul was called on a layup by C.J. Fair which could have tied the close game.  Coach Boeheim was so enraged that he charged onto the court to argue the call and was then ejected from the game in the last 10 seconds.  But the controversy did not die down after Boeheim was escorted out.  Die-hard Orange fans took their complaints to social media, flooding Twitter feeds with 140-character-bursts-of-angst for hours after the final score was announced.  Here's a post-game analysis of the most notable tweets...most of them mirroring Coach Boeheim's televised reaction: 

The Fury Begins: 

Then there's this one which started a trend: #FreeBoeheim 

Yeah we hate it when you mess with Wegman's.....

Duke's other rival joins in: 

Some respect for the First Lady of Syracuse: 

Good sportsmanship: 

And an A+  use of the soon-to-be-viral "Boeheim freakout of 2014" Vine:

Assistant Coach Hopkins (who actually became Head Coach for a few seconds tonight) chimes in:

And C.J. Fair himself with some wise words of advice applicable to most situations we find ourselves in: 

Did we miss YOUR notable Tweet? Let us know at @HCSyracuse 

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