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20 Things Seniors Wish They Could Do Before Graduation

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Syracuse chapter.

Graduation is only a few weeks away, and as a senior in my last semester, I’ve enjoyed my entire college experience. Everything from the friends I’ve made to the activities I’ve done, to the knowledge I’ve gained, to the wise and supportive professors and advisors I’ve had over the years. While I have no regrets about the things I’ve done, what I do wish I had was more time; something I’m sure many others with the final approach to graduation are facing, as well.


So here’s a list of 20 things the Class of 2016 and myself wish we had more time to do before graduation:


  1. Give more back to the school I felt gave and taught me so much. (submitted by Madison Carter)

  2. Put a legitimate smile on as many faces as possible. (submitted by Emmanuel Rivera-Jovel)

  3. Climb the water tower. (submitted by Kelsey Klimara and Michelle Caceres)

  4. Take a moment to take it all in and savor the last weeks. (submitted by Conall McNelis and Paola Suro)

  5. Spend more time with the local community. (submitted by Anjelique Cooley)

  6. Have brunch with all my closest friends one more time. (submitted by Nelson Trusler)

  7. See all my friends who are currently abroad. (submitted by Arlety Gonzalez-Chile)

  8. Let everyone who has invested in me at Syracuse know that I appreciate them and will be an asset to them as I grow as a professional. (submitted by Avery Ebron)

  9. Do the Dome Stomp. (submitted Imani J’lessa Wallace)

  10. Be Otto the Orange, the school mascot. (submitted by Taylyn Washington-Harmon)

  11. Meet Coach Jim Boeheim. (submitted by Jim O’Shea)

  12. Know what my future will look like. (submitted by Ying Chen)

  13. Take more time to plan. (submitted by Hernz Laguerre Jr.)

  14. Get a tan. (submitted by Patti Fernandez)

  15. Study abroad one last time. (submitted by Shaheem Valentin and Nina Rodgers)

  16. Take a weekend trip to Toronto or Niagara Falls, Canada. (submitted by Emily Bailey)

  17. Fill a bathtub with popcorn. (submitted by Scott Stabbert)

  18. Get involved on campus sooner rather than later. (submitted by Kumar Busgeeth)

  19. Play ultimate frisbee. (submitted by Kanisha Ffriend)

  20. Produce a modern spinoff of “A Different World” featured at SU. (submitted by Shantel Jones)
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