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The weather is changing, and that means that girls need to change the way that they dress to look cute in the cold weather. Some might go out and buy scarves and others will find cute winter jackets to wear.

I have found that I like to wear a sweatshirt and a rain coat on top when I am out in the cold weather because it keeps me somewhat warm, but I also don’t get too hot. I honestly don’t care how I dress in the winter because I just want to stay warm when there is snow on the ground.

I am excited for it to snow because you can get some really amazing photos with snow on the ground. I am planning on finding a way to take some artsy photos of foot prints in the snow.

Now is the time to not really care what you look like because if you care about how you look you won’t really enjoy the winter time. I don’t always like my winter coat, but I will wear it because it is not worth it for me to spend more money on something I would have no use for. If you have something to use then just use it. 

I love looking at the people that can rock a scarf because I am at the age where I don’t think that I can really rock the fashion that other people wear. I have a way of expressing myself and I like to standout sometimes because I care so much about expressing myself.

I love snow and I cant wait for the adventures of what will happen when the snow falls.

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