Why You Need to Be Following Acacia Kersey

I searched Her Campus’ site, but found nothing about the amazing Acacia Brinley Clark (now Acacia Kersey), one of my favorite influencers. Let me tell you about this rad, weird, and beautiful lady (her catch phrase is "Stay Rad, Stay Weird, Stay Beautiful").

First of all, let me just say that Acacia’s transformation is inspiring. Even though she was beautiful in the first place, she majorly glowed up:

Then: December 2013 (5 years ago)

Now: December 2018 with her daughter Brinley


Seriously, the difference between when you Google Acacia Clark and when you Google Acacia Kersey is astounding, and it’s almost as if they’re two different people (in the best way possible). Acacia was pretty controversial for a bit of time, but for nothing more than being an immature teen with a Tumblr page. Now, she is 21 and a new mother of two beautiful daughters with her husband of over a year, Jairus Joseph Kersey. 

The Kersey Family


Not even kidding, they may just be the cutest family I’ve ever seen.

10/10 recommend following her Instagram for hysterical/adorable footage of her daughters Brinley and Rosemary doing their thing. They’re my primary daily entertainment, in all honesty.



Also, her house is goals. Acacia and Jairus bought their home – a trailer – and totally flipped it to make it their own. It’s so charming, and if you’re interested, you can tour it HERE.

Small preview of their house


If you’re wondering why Acacia is famous, its simply because she built a presence for herself on the internet as an influencer on her YouTube channel and Instagram. Her videos are diverse and always uplifting, positive, and fun. Her content focuses on lifestyle, beauty, and home.

Right now she’s doing Vlogmas – which means she’s uploading a video every day from December 1st until December 25th – so it’s an ideal time to start following her!

Below are some of my favorite videos of hers to start off watching:

  • Ever wondered how influencers make money? I found this video to be so informative.
  • Her home trailer tour, which I’ve watched at least four times. It’s so beautiful.
  • The birth of her daughters (warning: some content may be disturbing) is so special. Watch Brinley and Rosemary's births.
  • This video really captures her constant positive attitude.

In all, Acacia is so honest, loving, and fun and her videos always put a smile on my face. Plus, her Instagram feed looks so nice and she has great content on all platforms. Acacia is 21, and her content is enjoyable even if you’re not a mom. Her family is so cute and her videos always leave me feeling inspired, happy, and uplifted! Thanks for reading and remember to always Stay Rad, Stay Weird, Stay Beautiful, friends!