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The Lalaearl Gray Latte And Edible Flowers
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What’s Up with Essential Oils?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Susqu chapter.

The world is in a controversy over the essential oils phenomenon. I’m in the middle camp; I regularly use essential oils but I don’t believe they can cure everything. At best, oils are fun products that smell great. I don’t use them as medicine, however; I have noticed how great they make me feel mentally and physically. Mostly, I feel a boost in my self-esteem. These are just a few things I’ve figured out as a normal essential oils shopper.

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First of all, there’s a lot of pressure to try every brand out there. Some of the most popular essential oil producers are: Rocky Mountain Oils, Jade Bloom, Eden Garden, and Ellia. The more popular the product, the more the costs increase. I balk at $30 essential oil packages. My trick is, I go to stores such as TJMaxx or Marshalls where you can find a pack of two or four oils in the most popular scents for as cheap as $12. This is much better than paying $12 for a single .33 oz bottle! The brand I’m using right now is Lefleuria because it’s the most affordable and sustainable in my price budget. I’m using the peppermint scent. Just how sustainable is it? It’s natural, vegan and gluten-free. Plus the product is never tested on animals. As a vegetarian, animal testing is a no-go for me. What I love about Lefleuria is that, even from a small bottle, two drops of the oil has a strong scent. The only downside to the brand is that they don’t have a large online presence. It’s much easier to come across in stores.

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There’s also pressure to try all the scents and use “the best one.” News flash: there’s no one perfect essential oil. Different scents create various effects on the body. You may find that you need different oils when you’re tired compared to when you’re energetic. It all depends on the day and what your body needs. Personally, I gravitate towards peppermint and lavender oils. Lavender reminds me of home and it’s helpful for resting the body. However, whenever I’m anxious or stressed, peppermint is my go-to. In fact, I started using peppermint oils because I found out sometimes they aid with anxiety. I honestly feel less upset when I’m drinking or eating peppermint products. Whether it’s tea, coffee or oils, I love everything peppermint.

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So when do I use essential oils? I never apply them directly to my skin because of how strong they are. I prefer to use them in baths, in lotions, or in my scented necklace. I’m sure the last one needs an explanation. As a gift, I received a necklace that looks like a whistle with holes in it. I drop some peppermint oil in it and wear the necklace whenever I want a calming scent around me. It’s called a diffuser necklace and it’s cool because it’s not just pretty, it’s also practical. Looking to have a magical self-care experience? I love taking a bubble bath and using a few drops of lavender oil in the bath. As the water is just starting to run I drop in the oil so it has time to mix with the water and soap. It’s the most relaxing experience.

Just because essential oils are a fun and enjoyable product doesn’t mean that they are a cure-all remedy. For example, people have claimed that oils cure anything from headaches to cancer. I would much rather take Tylenol for my headaches because I know that it’s effective. When I first started using essential oils I made sure to monitor my skin to make sure there were no negative effects. Even though I’m using all-natural products, the most random things can irritate your skin. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t find a brand that works for you; chances are you will find one eventually, and if not, there are plenty of other natural products to try.

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I'm part time yoga teacher and a full time reader. I never miss an opportunity to listen to audiobooks on a car ride, or to read ebooks during breaks in my classes. I'm a senior at Susquehanna University where my major is creative writing with a minor in women and gender studies.
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