What I'm Looking Forward to This Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break is less than a week away, and I couldn't be more excited. I just love this time of year because I'm able to finally spend quality time with my family. This year I feel like I've spent so little time at home since I was abroad for an entire semester and spent my entire summer interning out of state. So, knowing that I can at least spend the first few days of my break sharing stories, cooking, and eating with my family just makes my heart warm. Now, if you do celebrate Thanksgiving I'm sure there are specific things you love about it too. For me it changes every year, but there are 4 things I love most about Thanksgiving that stay consistent.

1. The Food 

If you don't know already, my family is Dominican, so for Thanksgiving the only "American" dish used for our dinner is the turkey. Everything else is traditional Dominican food, like rice and beans, pernil, empanadas, etc. Let me not forget the dessert, instead of pies we have flan or tres leches cake. 

2. The Endless Stories 

I usually spark up these types of conversations by asking questions, and 10 times out of 10 it doesn't stop. Family members will tell their most embarrassing or funniest stories. 

3. Games 

Even though I'm part of the adult club, it doesn't mean that I won't play charades or Ellen's Head's Up with the younger kids. 

4.  Music and Dancing

If you've ever been to any kind of Dominican gathering, music is always playing and someone will most likely start dancing which will then cause everyone else to start dancing. However, for Thanksgiving its 10 times more exciting because dancing is definitely expected. In my family, we dance with everyone even if they don't want to.


I hope you have a fantastic and safe Thanksgiving!