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Use Ebates: 

Ebates is a company that gives you cash back for shopping online. You can shop through the app, their website, or through an extension on Google Chrome. I love using this around the holidays because you can get two percent cash back or more on most purchases. They will often have deals, 10 percent cash back, so it’s also ideal to shop at those times. I heard about this site through many youtubers and if you can get a referral from one of them you get ten dollars just for signing up. It’s a win-win situation. Every few months they will send you a check in the mail with your saved cash. 

Use the Walmart App: 

Around Susquehanna University Walmart is the place to go to save money. My mom taught me this trick, which is using Walmart’s app. You add your receipts and get cash back. Here’s how it works, you go into the app and click on the savings catcher. There you scan your receipt and put the date (the receipt must be submitted within a week to count) and submit. In a few days, the app will compare what you purchased with other stores in the area. If it finds a lower price it gives you the difference back. After you accumulated cash back, it will give you options to reclaim your money. The best way to use this app is to get name brand products that other stores might have.  

Use off-brand products: 

To contradict my last tip, buy anything you can in a generic brand. I personally think off-brand products work just as well. For instance, I get my sandwich bags, over-the-counter medicine, and most food products from the off-brands. I save a good dollar per products doing this. Obviously, some things you want to buy name-brand, but the little things you don’t have to sell an arm and a leg for.  

Don’t buy from the bookstore or brand-new books: 

This one is a no brainer. Don’t buy a brand spanking new book. There are tons of sites to choose from. Personally, I go to www.slugbooks.com and I type in any ISBN. From there it will show the book and its cheapest listing. This has saved my butt so many times. The only books I wouldn’t recommend doing this with is language books. Usually they have an online access code and certain online retailers can’t guarantee the code. To counteract this, buy the book at the book store, find the cheapest new book online, show the cashier the price, and the book store will refund the difference through a gift card. I’ve done this and it’s come in handy. I highly recommend.  

Shop at the Thrift Store/ Consignment Store: 

My final tip for all of you Susky girls out there is to utilize secondhand resources. In Selinsgrove, we are lucky to have one of the largest Community Aids around. Every time I go in I find something. They also have discount days on Fridays for students, just show your ID. Another great place in Selinsgrove is the Pink Pinup. They have a lot of gently used clothes that are very trendy. Finally, I’d recommend sites like Poshmark. They sell second hand clothing and accessories from all different people. I’ve bought Alex and Ani bracelets and Nike shorts off there. On sites like this you get a discounted price. You can also sell your clothes on there to make an extra buck! I did that over the summer and made a decent amount.  


Overall, there are a lot of things you can do to save as much money as possible while going to college. Just use these tips and watch the savings roll in. No need to add on to your already growing college debt. Happy Shopping! 

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