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To start out this week’s volunteering theme, I decided to talk about the best volunteering experience I’ve ever had. I’m a cat person, as all the best people are, and when I joined the animal club, I was really hoping that I would get to hear about our famous feral cat colony on campus (Yeah, it’s a thing. But also, I’ve only ever seen one cat). I totally lucked out though! Just about every Sunday, members of the animal club go to the cat cafe half an hour away and help take care of the adorable kittens! It’s just a little bit better than learning about the feral cats (if you wanna learn about them, though, check out Alley Cat Allies).

It’s basically a dream come true. We clean their food dishes, clip their nails, and best of all, we get to spend time with them! They’re just furry little babies who want to get adopted, and since I’m not allowed to have a cat, this cat cafe is perfect!

Even cleaning litter boxes (which I haven’t had to do yet, phew) and doing extra work like taking down their Christmas decorations doesn’t seem as bad when I get to see the cutest furry faces and feed them treats.

So if you don’t feel sure about volunteering because you don’t know what to expect or you’re afraid of doing something new, take this advice: just try it. You never know when you’ll have an awesome time!


P.S. If you love cats, you should play the Furistas Cat Cafe game/app and follow their Instagram @playfuristas ! It’s adorable!

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