Valentine's Day is Stupid

Like a good amount of college women, I am a single pringle. I don’t have anyone special in my life that I need to pamper and make feel extra loved. I honestly think the holiday is kind of stupid. There should not be a holiday for people to tell their significant other that they love them.

It’s the day where all of the single people feel bad about themselves because no one will buy them chocolate or flowers. I always feel terrible if I have to work because I work in a mailroom, so I see all of the packages or flowers for the girls that have significant others off campus. 

I like to have Galantine's Day because it is where I can celebrate the friendships that I have created over the past two years and it means that I don’t have a reason to feel bad about myself because I do have friends.

If you are a single pringle like me just ask your friends to go out to dinner with you on February 13th and call it Galentine's Day. You can buy chocolate and flowers for your friends and have fun while you are at it.

My friend introduced me to this idea, and we are already trying to make plans for it because we would think that Valentine’s Day was a stupid holiday even if we were in relationships. I just don’t care about telling someone I love them on a holiday when I could do it any other regular day. Why do you need a holiday to show/tell someone that you love them? You don’t! 

This is the one holiday that I try to avoid at all costs because I think it is the stupidest holiday that man created.