Valentine's Day Netflix Recommendations

Valentine’s Day is in just a few days now, so here’s some V-Day Netflix recommendations for that big date, your girls night in, or your solo cuddle party! However you’re choosing to spend this Valentine’s Day, these movies will for sure make your night great!


  1. Carol

    “A wealthy married woman and a female department store clerk begin a forbidden affair in the 1950s that leads to both heartache and liberating joy.” (from

  2. While You Were Sleeping

    “Sandra Bullock plays a transit worker who rescues a handsome commuter, then pretends to be the comatose man’s fiancee while falling for his brother.” (from

  3. The Way He Looks

    “A new classmate transforms the daily life of a blind teenager who longs for independence and disrupts his relationship with his best friend.” (from

  4. The First Time

    “Dave is in love with Jane, the hottest girl in school. But a chance encounter with Aubrey leads to a hilariously awkward romance.” (from

  5. Before We Go

    “When a young wife is robbed before boarding a train to Boston, she meets a free-spirited musician who stays with her on the adventure of a lifetime.” (from

  6. Safe Haven

    “When a mysterious woman arrives in a small North Carolina town, she begins a new life but remains haunted by a terrifying secret.” (from

  7. Can’t Buy Me Love

    “Tired of being an outcast, a nerdy teen offers his life savings of $1,000 to the most popular girl in school in exchange for dating him for a month.” (from

  8. August Rush

    “After Lyla and Louis share an enchanted night together, circumstances rip them apart -- and their child is raised by a stranger.” (from

  9. Charlie St. Cloud

    “Ben Sherwood’s intriguing novel is the basis of this ghost story about Charlie, who is devoted to his brother, Sam, even after Sam’s death.” (from

  10. Life Partners

    “Paige, a type-A lawyer, and Sasha, a carefree musician, are best friends until a man enters the picture. Are the women growing up or growing apart?” (from

  11. Definitely Maybe

    “Interested in knowing how her divorcing parents met, young Maya listens as her dad, Will, recounts his romantic past with three different women.” (from

  12. Love Actually

    “Romance breaks out across London during Christmas time. But it’ll take a miracle to sort out all the relationships.” (from