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Tips For Staying On Top of Online Courses

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Susqu chapter.

With the sudden change in our daily lives as college students, it’s easy to imagine that missed assignments and overdue papers will become a lot more common. For some of us, online classes were the last thing we wanted to attend. Others are perfectly fine with this, but the adjustment to this type of learning can be difficult. With that being said, here are some helpful tips to stay on top of those online courses!


Be sure to attend everything your professors have scheduled for you. Missing out on important information during class time is the last thing you want to do. Check your syllabus and be sure to get to those conference calls on time; this will only benefit you in the long run!

Follow Your Regular Schedule

Even if your professors have opted out of meeting with you through live calls, try to stick to your normal schedule. This will keep you on track for things you need to do daily and hopefully bring some form of normalcy back into your life. If you’ve got an 8 am I know this tip is super unlikely to happen but at least give it a shot!

Check Your Email

I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I’ve gotten more emails in the past two weeks than I have the entire semester. Everyone is adjusting to new ways of teaching and learning, so be patient and READ. Your advisors, faculty, professors, etc. aren’t just sending you these to take up time in their day! All of these emails hold insightful updates and information you’ll most likely need to know for the rest of the semester. So please check your inboxes!

Try To Do Your Work Early

If you’re bored and have no idea what to do with yourself, look ahead in your courses. See if there is anything you can finish before its scheduled date. Not only will you now have less work to do when the time comes, but you’ll keep yourself occupied!

Communicate With Professors and Classmates

The last thing anyone wants is to fall behind because they are confused on the course content. Again, everyone is adjusting, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. Chances are there’s at least one other person with that question too! Your professors are there for you whether you want to admit it or not, so use this to your advantage! If you can’t get ahold of a professor, contact someone in your class!

Everyone is adjusting to this new way of learning. For most, it’s an easy transition, but for others it’s going to take a while to fully settle into this new format. Just remember to take your time, take a breath and follow some of these tips! I believe in all of us and have faith we will achieve our goals the same way as if we were on campus! Good luck and happy learning!

Junior at Susquehanna University Journalism/Photography President and Campus Correspondent of Her Campus Susqu Class of 2022
Writers are contributing from Susquehanna University