Tips for Spring Cleaning

For those of us looking for things to do around the house to get the spring cleaning out of the way, here are some tips and tricks to help create some space and feel accomplished!

Take Out the Trash

I recently went through all of my desk drawers and closet and got rid of things that were considered trash. I know it may be hard to part with that crumbled up piece of paper but trust me you don’t need it. Take a trash can/bag/box to your room and start digging, the things you’ll find are definitely surprising!


Not everything you have is worthless and there are definitely people out there who want or need what you’ve got. Look through old clothes, toys, games, and other items and see what is still intact and pack it up for donation! There are so many people struggling each day that need the support of donations, so help out your neighbors!

Unused Boxes/Bags

Those bags and boxes that your parents insist on keeping in the basement will definitely come in handy when cleaning things out. Big boxes and bags are useful to package up donations or trash as an easier outlet to get rid of things. You can also use boxes and things of that nature to organize within the home, decorate the boxes and label them to your liking and pack up!

Build a Shoe Rack

I’m not one for making things from scratch, but if you’ve got some extra time and supplies make a shoe rack! This makes for a fun day of creating and painting your very own organizational tool. Shoes take up most of the space in my room, so this is definitely a worth while project.

Dust and Vacuum

Since we’ve been away at school, all of the décor and carpets in our homes have most likely collected major dust. Grab that Swiffer and get to work. Not only does this knock another chore off the list, but it makes your living space much healthier!

These are just a few small tips for how to kick off your spring cleaning to do list. There are many more ways to clean and organize your space so do so to you liking. Put your headphones in and jam out while your working too, nobody said this couldn’t be fun!