Tips From a First Year to a First Year

Just to start off, let’s get one thing straight, CHANGE IS SCARY! And it’s okay. It’s okay to feel anxious because of the added school work or overwhelmed by the need to be involved in literally everything you can get your hands on. It’s okay to need time to adjust. I am a First Year, and trust me, I know the feeling. Here are some tips I used to try to adjust from practically never leaving my family to being hours away.

School is difficult. Make time to get your school work done because there will be a lot and it will pile on. I use the schedule given by my professors in the syllabus and map out my school work for each week. This helps to keep on top of things. Another way I manage to complete my school work is to TAKE BREAKS. I like to do thirty minutes of working with five-ten minute breaks in between, but find a variation that works best for you.

Take care of yourself. You know what you need. If that’s a face mask, a walk outside, or even just quiet time to think, make it happen. You won’t enjoy all of these crazy experiences if you are too busy hating every second of it. Plus, stress is tiring, and however you can minimize the negative stress, all the better.

Call home. No one is going to judge you if you need to talk to family or friends. Because, surprise, they most likely miss you too. You are not the only one on a whole new journey. Your loved ones now have to adjust to being away from you. But not even just for them, do it for you. The sound of something familiar will be like a breath of fresh air. You are experiencing so much change, so you should get normality wherever you can.

One of my last tips is always shoot your shot. If you fail, what is the worst that can happen? You’re back to where you started before you tried. Always do that audition, try out for that sports team, go to that club meeting, because who knows, you might just find your new passion. Or you could simply find a way to monopolize your time so you don’t do a whole lot of nothing.

Yes, college is scary. But it is also enthralling. You are surrounded by different cultures, identities, backgrounds, and most importantly, stories. Each and every person including yourself has a story. Let me tell you, I will never get tired of hearing how people who are completely different than me can go through such similar hardships. It's inspiring, but most importantly it’s connecting. Good luck on your first semester of college. Heaven knows I’ll need all the luck I can get too.