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In today’s society, there aren’t many people you can talk to that haven’t at least tried a dating app before. Some people join the apps just to see what all the hype is about and others join in hopes of finding their soulmate. A common misconception about these apps is that people join them just to hook up with people, which isn’t always the case. Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps that is out right now. I myself am no stranger to the online dating scene nor can I say with a straight face that I haven’t just gone on to swipe for the hell of it. With that being said, I would like to list out some Tinder Do’s and Don’ts, especially with the season of love fast approaching.

Don’t download the app right after a breakup

Most of you are probably thinking, um why not, I want revenge?! The period after a breakup leaves you at your most vulnerable. In other words, you’re going to swipe right on everyone and anyone to get that attention you are so desperately craving. But honey listen, you’re strong enough and much better than a swiping marathon.

Do look at the bios/have one of your own

I am a stickler for people who write a lot about themselves. I think it shows character and willingness to talk about yourself openly, especially if you’re on the app looking for a relationship. Don’t include too much detail that people won’t want to read, but just enough to make you sound interesting.

Don’t make all of your photos group pictures

Yes, I realize the simple fix to this is to see who shows up in all of the photos. But if you’re in multiple photos with someone who looks like they could be your significant other, people aren’t going to match with you. It’s confusing and annoying…sorry.

Do message first

All of us are super scared to reach out to our matches first; trust me, I fall into this category as well. Why should we be, though? They know as much about us as we do them, which is basically nothing, so don’t fret! Open up with a subtle “hey” or “how’s it going” and you’ll be just fine.

Don’t accidentally SuperLike someone

Believe me when I say this can get super awkward. A lot of people will put in their bios, “if I SuperLiked you it was probably an accident,” but the app isn’t that hard to control and that bio is a big turn off. If you plan on using that bright blue star, use it wisely!

Do express yourself in your photos

Try to avoid photos where you’re wearing a lot of makeup or using Snapchat filters. Just be your beautiful authentic self and add some personality pics! If they don’t like you for you then what’s the point, right?!

Don’t go on a date somewhere private

This is just my own personal rule, but if I have no clue who you are we aren’t driving around in your car for hours on end. Meet them at a set location like a restaurant or something, and make sure people see you together. Make sure that your friends or family know where you’re going and know what your date looks like; this is just another measure to take to ensure your safety. As scary as it sounds, you can’t trust everyone you meet, so always take the necessary precautions.

Do answer honestly/enter information honestly

If someone seems to be younger or older than their description, ask them about it. If you’re the one receiving the question, be honest. This a scary thought, especially if you don’t want someone knowing everything about you. If that is the case, then politely tell them that once you know them better, then you can tell them more information. Always hold personal information back until you’re comfortable.

Junior at Susquehanna University Journalism/Photography President and Campus Correspondent of Her Campus Susqu Class of 2022
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