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Thinking about adding a major? Here’s how

When I was a first- year student, I started my academic career as I biology major. I always knew that I wanted to work in the field of medical anthropology so I decided to add an intro to anthropology class to my schedule. I absolutely loved it and one of textbooks told the story of a medical anthropologist who worked with Mexican immigrants. He earned an MD and a PhD in anthropology and I realized that I wanted to follow his path.

I met with my professor and discussed the possibility of adding the major and what my career goals were. He assured me that I would be a great addition to the anthropology department and I felt right at home. We printed the paperwork and signed away. Next, I met with my biology advisor and discussed the situation with him. He agreed that the anthropology major would make me a more well- rounded candidate for post- graduate schools.

I actually waited a semester before I finalized the application process. I returned to my potential anthropology advisor and my current biology advisor to reassure myself that I was prepared for the rigors of two demanding majors. I was very passionate about both of them and I knew that my academic experience wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t have both majors. I was ready to commit to the additional major after three full semesters and since I continued to take anthropology classes, I was still on track to graduate on time.

The final step was to meet finally with my biology advisor, anthropology advisor, and the head of the biology department. After all three meetings, the paperwork was complete and I brought the document over to the registrar’s office. After a day, I was officially a biology and anthropology double major.

How to add a major or minor

* Go to registrar office and retrieve the additional major/ minor paperwork

* Meet with your original advisor and get his/ her signature

* Meet with your prospective additional major advisor and get his/her signature

* Meet with the head of your original department and get his/ her signature

* Fill out the paperwork and sign your name

* Bring the document to the registrar’s office

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