Thank Your Essential Workers Today

In this crazy time we are currently experiencing, it is important not to forget about all essential workers. Everyday someone is leaving their home and risking their health and safety to aid others. One set of people we need not forget about, for example, are the people working in grocery stores.

Being a cashier myself, I have seen the drastic ways things have changed inside stores. Some are only allowing a certain number of people in at a time, others you may not enter without wearing a mask or until a certain hour. We understand that these rules and regulations are difficult and hard to keep up with, but in order to keep everyone safe, we must follow them.

The limits that have been put on what families can buy is also scary and may seem unreasonable to a lot of us. I for one am amazed at how a truck will deliver us new items like water, bread, and toilet paper and within an hour we are cleared out again. But, even the delivery driver is out serving the community, making sure that these resources get to where they need to be.

What I’m trying to say is that we must appreciate everyone that is playing a crucial role during these uncertain times. It isn’t easy being behind the register, working as a correctional officer (like my father does), serving in emergency services (like many friends of mine do) and so much more. So if there is one thing we can do to help it’s to just be kind and caring.

Saying “thank you," “stay safe/well,” “have a nice day” and so many other gestures are just one of many ways we can help during this time. Being patient and understanding with employees as they help us find an item or check us out is crucial as well. Everything is changing for these personnel and we need to change and adapt with them.

Help stop the spread of negativity by spreading some happiness and love throughout your day. I’m sure there are tons of essential employees who need to hear something positive right now. Follow the guidelines set forth by your state and be sure to stay protected when going out to stores or for essential items. There is no other time like the present to be the change the world needs to see, so please do your part!