Tattoos are for Women Too

As a society, it has become ever so clear as to where women stand on many scales. We are normally seen as the weaker gender by societal norms. If there is one thing that challenges this assumption though, it would have to be tattoos. Tattoos on men have been around for years and years. Coming in all shapes and sizes, these permanent markings leave a lasting impression on the body they are put on and all others who come in contact with them. But why is it that women are shamed for having them more often than men?

As a woman, I always heard that it wasn’t appropriate to have tattoos because they are “unprofessional.” I do believe that if anyone plans to get a tattoo when they are of the age to do so, they should think carefully about what they are getting and where. Most jobs are more lenient nowadays with body alterations and hiring, but it's better to be safe than sorry. I myself have three tattoos all of which I thought about prior to getting and have in places where I can easily cover them if need be. I don’t believe that anyone should be ridiculed for making the choice to get one if it is unable to be covered up.

There are limits that society has put on women as to what we should look like, wear, do, etc. This, however, should not stop all the ladies out there from expressing themselves and enjoying every last bit of the tattoo they want or have. Don’t let the men in your life tell you that it looks bad or that you can’t get one because they are wrong! You may do whatever you please with your body and if that means getting a full sleeve or a tiny tat on your ankle than so be it. Either way, you look amazing and now you have one more reason to show off your unique beauty.