Staying Safe During Halloween: COVID Edition

When it comes to Halloween, many of us look forward to flipping on the front porch light and waiting for the trick-or-treaters to come in flocks. This year, however, Halloween is looking much different in many areas across the globe.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic we have been told to either stay indoors--unless travel is essential--or, if we do leave, to practice social distancing and to wear our masks. This takes away from the yearly tradition of dressing up and going door-to-door seeking out our favorite goodies.

In order to keep the fun alive this Halloween season, there are a couple of things we can do to collectively keep one another safe! First and foremost is wearing our masks when we can’t maintain social distancing guidelines.

Children have had an especially hard time grasping the fact that wearing a mask has become the new norm, but Halloween is the perfect opportunity to show them it is in fact okay to do so! Have them create their own mask to match their costume, and whoever is accompanying them on the night trick-or-treating takes place, you do the same! This way we can all stay safe and have some fun while doing so!

Second, we should do our very best to follow social distancing guidelines. If there is a family at the door step of a house picking out candy, wait until they have gone before you approach the door. This way there are no disagreements or children diving into the treat bowl touching hands at the same time.

Next, if you are the person handing out candy or allowing people onto your porch there are some things to consider for your safety as well. Of course if you are opening your door and allowing children to pick their candy, you should be wearing a mask to help prevent possible exposures. Also, though it is much easier said than done, try to limit each child to a piece or two of candy handed out by you directly. Having multiple people reaching into the same bowl without having sanitized prior could pose for some concerns.

Having a sanitizing station close by is another great idea for the upcoming holiday. Maybe prompt children to “sanitize before they dive” into the bowl of treats. This way they see they must do one thing to gain what they want! Along with this, if you would rather engage with the trick-o-treaters, maybe wearing latex gloves to hand out candy is a smart move!

Hopefully these tips help us keep the tradition of Halloween alive and well this season. I can only hope that everyone enjoys their night of becoming something they always wished to be! If Halloween and its festivities are still happening in your area, please be sure to follow your county's guidelines and make the most of it! Have a safe and SPOOKtacular Halloween!